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komodo dragon

Komodo Dragon

Knowing the fact that Komodo dragon is one of endangered animals in the world

wae rebo traditional village tour

Wae Rebo Village

The houses look like a cone made from wood and palm fiber

kelimutu lake

Flores Island

On this island, you can visit three colors lake that is located at the Kalimutu Mount crater

manta rays

Manta point

You will see so many manta rays play on the sea surface on this Manta Point in Komodo.

padar island in komodo national park

Padar Island

It has a spectacular landscape with three different pure colors of beaches.

komodo island indonesia

Komodo Island

This is the only place where Komodo live as the original habitat.

pink beach in komodo island

Pink Beach

The sand is soft with a pink tinge. beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish.

riung 17 islands marine park

Riung Marine Park

This place consists of 17 islands that you can explore during your trip

homo floresiensis / liang bua hobbit cave

Homo Floresiensis

Flores Hobbit specimens are predicted to live about 95,000 and 18,000 years ago.


Bena Village

culturally preserved megalithic that has been well maintained for more than 1200 years.

labuan bajo tours information

labuan Bajo Tours

This beautiful town is located in the east of Indonesia

speedboat for a day tour to komodo island

Komodo Day Tour

Komodo Day Tour is a tour program for those who have a limited time to visit the komodo national park.

spiderweb ricefield

Photography Tour

an exciting trip to explore the various wonders of Flores and Komodo Island

komodo tour from bali

Komodo Tour From Bali

It is just one hour's flying to the west Flores’s airport called Komodo airport.

pink beach in komodo

Komodo Tour Package

These packages are based on the amount of days that you want to spend.

fishing trip

Fishing Trip

a guide is required to direct you to the safe fishing point, despite the protected area of the National Park.


Speedboat Tour

discover Komodo Park without spending a long time to reach one destination to another


Flores Cycling Tour

it is great way for you to explore our unique and paradise island by doing Flores cycling tour

gili lawa komodo national park

Komodo National Park

Wittness the komodo drgaon and explore the surrounding area.

komodo dragon

Flight Ticket

Many airlines offer different tickets and services to potential passengers

rinca island

Rinca Island

Rinca Island is a second biggest islands in Komodo National Park and it has for about 2,318 population of Komodo

boat komodo

Flores Hotel

There are many types of hotels in Flores Island. book the hotel based on the facilities you need.

komodo tour package

Snorkeling & Dive

You can explore the unique submarine biodiversity through a one-day diving tour package or a live-aboard diving.