Flores Komodo Indonesia Tour program is a combination of two different tours; Flores tour and Komodo tour. On Flores Island, you will discover the island Flores from east to west in exploring more about the unique culture, pure nature, nice, and warm welcoming local people. Flores has many attractions to be seen during your visit.

Therefore 11 days of discovering Flores Komodo Indonesia island is the best trip option to know more about the two unique destinations. Our recommended program during your trip to Flores Komodo is underneath:

FLORES KOMODO INDONESIA TOUR (11D/10N. TOUR) Starting Point : Ende/Maumere East Flores, Indonesia Ending Point   : Labuan Bajo, west Flores, Indonesia Price Per Person: On Requested

DAY 1. Ende or Maumere – Moni village

Begin your Flores Komodo Indonesia tour at Maumere or Ende town, east Flores island. Picking up service at the hotel or at the airport in Ende or Maumere (Ende is the recommended starting point). Drive to Moni village for your accommodation. En route will stop at several viewpoints to take pictures and visit a traditional village. Check-in at your chosen hotel in Moni Village.

DAY 2. Moni Village – Kelimutu Lake – Wologai village – Ende – Riung

Early morning wake up. And then, drive up to Mt. Kelimutu for 45-minutes. Soft trekking up to Kelimutu summit to witness the most amazing Kelimutu three-colored lake and its amazing landscape surroundings. Kelimutu Lake is the major Flores attraction. Walking down back to the parking area. Driving back to the hotel for breakfast. Heading to the traditional market Ndua Ria. Visit Wologai traditional village. Drive to the Blue Stone Beach via Ende. Continue to Riung, ‘northern coast of Flores’. Stop at several spots on the way to Riung to take pictures. Check-in at your chosen hotel in Riung.

DAY  3. Fullday snorkeling trip to Riung Marine Garden – Riung

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the harbor to catch a local wooden boat on several small islands at Riung Marine Park. Boat to Kalong island to witness thousands of fruit bats flying out of mangrove trees. Boat to Bako/Tembang snorkeling spot. Boat to Tiga island for snorkeling and BBQ lunch on the beach. Boating back to the harbor. Transferring back to the hotel in Riung.

DAY  4. Riung - So'a hot spring - Bajawa

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive up to Bajawa. Stop at So’a Hot Springs to take a bath if you want. Check-in at the hotel in Bajawa. In the afternoon visit the local market in Bajawa.

DAY 5. Bajawa Countryside Tour

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit some traditional villages belonging to the Ngadha tribe. Bajawa is known for the cultural and natural region on Flores Island. You can find a lot of interesting spots here. Start this excursion by visiting Luba and Bena traditional villages. If you want, you could trek from Bena traditional village down to Tololela traditional village about an hour, under the slope of Inerie volcano. 

This trek across several cash crop plantations such as Candle-nut, Chesew-nut, and some other local products. Pick up by car at Tololela or at Gurusina traditional village. Heading to the natural hot spring of Mala Nage to take a bath and relax. Driving back to the hotel for overnight.

Note: It is a better recommendation to take a lunch box during this excursion.

DAY 6. Bajawa – Aimere village – Borong - Ruteng

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Borong. On the way will stop at Aimere village ‘South Cost of Flores” to see the traditional process of local alcohol drinking produced locally out of palm juice. It is called Sopi or Moke Flores. It is about 40-60% its alcohol. En route will stop at several viewpoints to take pictures. Heading to Rana Mese Lake via Borong. 

Stop to take pictures at Rana Mese Natural Crater Lake. Drive to Ruteng to check in at your hotel. In the afternoon visit “Liang Bua” Flores’s hobbit cave. En route will stop to take a picture of the stunning view of rice fields. Driving back to the hotel for your accommodation.

DAY 7. Ruteng – Lodok Cancar (spider’s web Rice Fields) - Denge – Wae Rebo

Early breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Cancar to see “Lodok” the huge round rice fields that look like giant spider’s webs. It is called “Lodok” rice fields like giant spider webs. Drive to the south coast of Flores. Heading to Denge via Dintor village. Take a picture of a small beautiful island called Mules Island. Start trekking up from Denge village for about 3 hours to the impressive and unique traditional village of Wae Rebo. Dinner and overnight at Wae Rebo village.

DAY 8. Wae Rebo – Denge village – Labuan Bajo

Simple breakfast at Wae Rebo village. See and enjoy the Wae Rebo village, by interacting with the local community to learn about their way of life and their unique culture before leaving the village. Trekking down back to Denge village. Drive to Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores. Lunch will be served in Denge or Dintor village. Check-in at your hotel in Labuan Bajo for overnight.

DAY 9. Labuan Bajo – Kelor Island – Menjertite - Kalong Island (L/D)

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the harbor to catch a local boat. depart to Kelor Island to do trekking up to the top of the island. Enjoy and take pictures of an amazing panorama from the top of Kelor Island. Heading to Majerite to snorkel and swim. Get back to the boat to continue boating to Kalong Island to see thousands of Fruit bats flying out of mangrove trees while enjoying the spectacular sunset. Lunch/Dinner will be served on the boat. Accommodation is on the boat.

DAY 10. Padar Island – Long Beach - Pink Beach – Komodo Island (B/L/D)

Early boating to Padar Island. Breakfast will be served on the boat. Morning trekking to the top of Padar island to take a picture and enjoy the stunning scenery around Komodo National Park. Get back to the boat. Heading to Long Beach for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing at the beautiful white sandy beach. Continue the trip to Pink Beach to snorkel. Depart to Komodo Island. Trekking at Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragon and other wildlife. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and overnight on the boat.

DAY 11. Manta Point – Taka Makasar - Siaba island – Kanawa Island – Labuan Bajo (B/L)

Breakfast on the boat. Boat to Manta Point and Taka Makasar (these islands are close to each other) to snorkel. Sometimes you can see the huge Manta ray fish by snorkeling in Manta Point (It does not guarantee to find them), only when you are lucky, and depends on the weather conditions). Boat to Siaba island for snorkeling (sometimes, we can see turtles here). Heading to Kanawa island to snorkel/swim/relax. 

Boat back to Labuan Bajo’ harbor to transfer to your chosen hotel for overnight or transfer to the airport to take the afternoon flight for the next destination (If you want to take a flight directly in the afternoon after the trip, we advise you to take the latest flight around 4/5 PM. Breakfast and Lunch will be served on the boat. End of Flores Komodo Indonesia tour.

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