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This tour package is specialized for our clients who are willing to taste the local culture with a special traditional dance performance. It is called Caci traditional dance.

Caci is the most heroic dance of the Manggarai tribe, in West Flores Indonesia. Generally, the dance will only be performed at cultural ceremonies/festival such as” Wedding festival, Penti “thanks giving ceremony” or when it is welcoming VIP Guests. It is also sometimes conducted on the day of the Indonesian anniversary celebration.

The dance is a type of whip fighting/war dance, which is done only by two men. They will hit each other by using whip called Larik, while dance is performing. The major moral message of this dance is solidarity, togetherness and friendship symbol.

Besides, during you are in the village, you also will be welcomed warmly by the local community in the village with various kinds of traditional dance with full of meaning.

This tour is begun by picking up service at your hotel. And then, driving to Melo village for about 45 minutes. You will pass many local crops platation such as: coffee, local fruits garden, and many other sort of cash crop plantation. You willl also heva a chance to stop somewhere on the way there to learn from your tour guide, how local people grow these products and becoming the major income for their survival.

Upon arrival at Melo village, you will be welcomed by the villagers by making a short ceremony at first. It is a part of the welcoming ceremony before the dances are shown in front of the village yard.

After traditional welcoming ceremony is done, you will be invited to witness some traditional dance of Manggarai tribe. One of them which is very heroic and so spectacular is called Tarian Caci Manggarai or “Caci traditional dance of Manggarai”.

After dance performance has been done, then driving back to Labuan Bajo. Upon arrival in Labuan Bajo, will drop you off at your hotel or airport.

Note: If you are interested to visit Cunca Wulang water-fall, It is also possible to combine with it.

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