Are you curious and interested in archaeological-site tour on Flores island Indonesia?. Homo Floresiensis Tour  may meet your desire to know and learn more about  Homo Floresiensis’ fossils that was found in one of the natural caves in western Flores Island called Liang Bua cave.

Homo Floresiensis fossill or nick name is Flores Hobbit was found by Indonesian-Australian archaeologists in September 2003. By discovering of the ancient human fossils on Flores island made the world surprises as it is a new species of the human being. 

Since invented in 2003, the original fossils of the homo floresiensis is taken and placed it in Indonesian National Museum in Jakarta so far to continue observing by scientists. According to the scientist and archelogist of the world, this finding is so spectacular, because it can cause to re-think over the the world evolution theory particlarly about the ancient human being.

When you visit Homo Floresiensis cave, we will take you to intorduce and learn more about the cave itself. You also will get a chance to visit the mini-museum, right in the front of the Homo Floresiensis cave where the duplicated fossils of Homo Floresiensis are placed. There are also some other collections found in the museum related to the history of discovery of Homo Floresiensis itself.   

For those who are really interested to know more about this, we have a Homo Floresiensis tour to accommodate your wish.

We have two trip options beneath.


Labuan Bajo - Lodok - Visit Homo Floresiensis Cave called Liang Bua Cave - Ruteng - Labuan Bajo

Early morning pick up at hotel in Labuan Bajo town, West Flores. Drive to Ruteng for about 4-hours. On the way will stop at Lodok Cancar to see the spectacular view of rife-field that looks like giant spider’s web. Many people therefore called it Spider’s web rice-field. Heading to Homo Floresiensis cave called Liang Bua. Enjoy and see the cave. Then visit mini-muesum right in the front of the the cave. After visting Liang Bua cave, then heading to Ruteng to take a lunch. After having Lunch, driving back to Labuan Bajo for about 4-hours. If time permits, we also stop at several places for taking a nice panorama along side the road.

Note: You need to start ealier from Labuan Bajo, as this tour is long journey. It’s about 12-hours tour

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DAY 1. Labuan Bajo - Lodok Cancar - Ruteng

Pick up at hotel in Labuan Bajo, west Flores. Drive to Batu Cermin cave to see the huge natural rock cave which contains beautiful stalagmites and stalactite. Drive to Lembor village, the biggest wet paddy fields in west Flores. Drive to Cancar to witness the most spectacular Rice-fields which look like giant spider’s webs. On the way will stop at several places for taking pictures. Driver to Ruteng for check-in at your chosen hotel. In the Afternoon will do a city sightseeing tour to visit a local market, Ruteng Pu’u village.

DAY 2. Ruteng - Visit Homo Floresiensis Cave called Liang Bua - Labuan Bajo

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to northward of Ruteng toen to start visiting the homo floresiensis cave, the home of the discovery homo floresiensis fossils or nick name is called Flores Hobbit. Drive back to Ruteng for taking lunch. Long driving back to Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo. Drop you off at your chosen hotel in Labuan Bjo.

Noted: Homo Floresiensi can also be combined with Komodo Tour to visit the real home of the Komodo dragon or with Flores Tour when you explor the island

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