Komodo Boat Tour Charter is one of our service products provided for our customers who want to explore Komodo National Park and its surrounding area. We provide the boat charter either for Private Tour Service, Family Tour, Private Group Tour, or Share / Open Group Tour.

We classify the boat services depending on the size and their specification ranging from Economical Boats, Standard Boats, Superior Boats, Deluxe Boats, and Luxury Boats.

Besides, We as Top Komodo Tours also provide Fastboat/Speedboat service for a day tour to Komodo National Park to explore most of the highlighted destinations within the area.

During a Komodo boat trip, you can expect to see stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and crystal-clear waters. You’ll have the opportunity to snorkel with manta rays, hike to panoramic viewpoints, and encounter the legendary Komodo dragons.

So, before you set sail, it’s important to have a solid plan in place to ensure an unforgettable experience. From choosing the best time to visit to selecting the perfect boat and itinerary.

You can have a look at the general description and the boat pictures as samples below.


This boat is a kind of local wooden boat. It is the most basic and economical boat designed specifically for using a day trip or stay overnight tour depending on your request. This type of boat offer for economical budget and has basic facilities. 

Most of the boat types have simple cabins. Some of them has AC, but some have not. Each cabin has one or two beds either with or without bunk-bed style. The boats can accommodate a maximum 2 guests per cabin. 

The boats have also enough space to store the luggage and other belongings. They have outside toilet/bathroom with a simple cold shower. The toilet is sharing with others and boat skippers. For the tour program with overnight stay on the boat, the maximum capacity is 4 guests (not including boat crews). And all guests can accomodate in cabin.

For one day tour program (not overnight on the boat), it can accommodate more than 10 passengers in one boat.



A standard boat is a kind of wooden boat, which is used for a day tour or multi days with an overnight tour program. The boat types are, of course, different from the economical ones. They are bigger than economical boats, either from the boat size, cabin size, capacity and the bit better facilities in it. 

Each cabin has a double bed and two single beds in bunk-bed style. The boat can accommodate a maximum of 4 people in one cabin. The bathroom/toilet is outside with a simple cold shower. It is sharing with others and boat skippers. The boats are equipped with AC in each cabin, BUT mostly used at night when you go to sleep. 

For a multi-day tour program, that needs you to stay the night on the boat, the maximum boat capacity is 6 guests or more (not including boat skippers). All guests will be able to accommodate in each cabin. However, for one day trip, the boat is able to accommodate more than 15 guests in one boat. 



This sort of wooden boat offers better facilities than two other previous boats (economical and standard boat). It is a bit larger in size and has better facilities. Each cabin has one or sometimes two beds with bunk bed style which can accommodate a maximum is 4 guests or more in each cabin. 

Most of the superior boats have private bathrooms/toilets in the cabin, BUT some of them DON’T. For multi-day overnight tours, the boats’ capacity is a maximum of 12 guests or more and could accommodate all of them in the cabin, but for one day tour, the boats will be able to accommodate more than 15 guests. The boats are equipped with AC in each cabin.



Deluxe boats are large wooden boat tours. It is more comfortable and has so much better facilities compared to the three boat types we have offered beforehand. Each cabin varied, either from a double bed, a twin or even some cabins can be added an extra bed. 

The boats are suitable for small private groups, family group tours, or sharing group tours. The boats, of course, have a private internal bathroom in each cabin. For multi days overnight tours, the maximum boat capacity is 14 guests or more. And all guests can accommodate in the cabin. 

And for a day trip (without overnight on the boat), it will be able to accommodate around more than 20 guests in one boat.

deluxe phinisi charter


The Luxury boat is the largest type of wooden boat we offered to our clients to use during the Komodo tour. These are the most luxurious and comfortable facilities among all of the boat trip options. 

All beds in the cabin, some are double beds, twins, triple or family rooms. These boat tours are suitable for group tours either private groups, family groups, or sharing group tours. These boats, of course, have a private internal bathroom that is equipped with cold and hot showers. 

The boat’s maximum capacity is around 20 guests.  And all guests can accommodate in the cabin. For one day tour, it will also be able to accommodate around 30 guests in one boat.

boat tour


We also provide a daily trip package to Komodo National Park by using Speedboat or Fast boat. It will cover all the highlight destinations within Komodo National Park just in a one-day tour. 

Our Speedboat tour ranges from the capacity of two persons to the large and luxury Speedboat which can accommodate big group tours for more than 30 passengers in one Speedboat.

You can request either a private tour or sharing group tour by using the Speedboat to explore more about Komodo National Park and some other small islands surroundings.

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How To Book Your Komodo Boat Tour

Booking a Komodo boat trip can be done online through our travel agency. You can send us a message via Email or WhatsApp about your tour program, then our team will offer the itinerary depending on your request.

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Additionally, before booking your Komodo boat trip, it would be better to read our terms and conditions services. Or read the Frequently Asked Questions about your tour to Komodo National Park.