Have you thought to go on a volcano trekking tour in Flores?  This can be wild thought you have ever made for unknowing about the site points. There are lists of mounts, which you can visit in Flores Island during your volcano expedition. What you need to know about Flores is the beautiful island, which is surrounded by a fabulous mix of volcanoes, tribes, cultures, crater lakes, and great diving and snorkel points.

There are fourteen active volcanoes in Flores. And you can visit some of them during Flores hiking and trekking tour. It takes more than a week to get to these lovely volcanoes trekking and hiking around the island. Therefore, you probably need to get at least a guide to lead you on trekking to the desired volcanoes.

Special skills on trekking or hiking are required to ensure safety during trekking. An experienced leader may provide a logical explanation, and perhaps superstitious aspects of hiking and trekking the active volcanoes in eastern of Indonesia.

The hiking tour in Flores offers challenges and a beautiful panorama around the volcanoes. Your hiking expectations are totally reached through these mountains. So, a hiking tour in Flores can be part of your trekking destinations around Indonesia.

Here bellow, we offer you 10 -days volcano trekking tour program which is combined with Flores hiking tour to explore some traditional villages, including stay the night in the village to get interact directly with local communities on Flores Island.


DAY 1. Arrival Maumere - Drop off at Hotel

DAY 2. Hotel - Blidit Village - Trekking starting point - Egon Volcano Trekking

Early breakfast at your hotel or take away breakfast box. Drive to starting point of the trek via Blidit village ‘a village located in the foot of Egon volcano’. It is about 45 minutes driving from hotel in Maumere to the trekking starting point. Upon arrival at the foot of Egon volcano, you will do trekking to the summit of Egon. It is baout 1.650 meter above sea level the altitude of volcano. The difficult level of the trek is medium. The trek is about 3-4 hours to reaching out the summit.

You will see thick-fume come out of the episentrum of the explosion several year ago. Besides, you can also trek down the huge crater. After spending your time on Egon volcano, trekking down back to the starting point. Afterward, drive back to hotel in Maumere. 

Note: If you are interested, you can visit Dokar village to see the traditional dance performance and famous Ikat weaving process in traditional way. Get back to the hotel for overnight.

DAY 3. Maumere - Koka Beach - Wolowaru Village - Moni Village

After breakfast at hotel, depart to Koka Beach. On the way will stop at few nice places for photo-stop. Visit Bikon Blewut museum in Ledalero major catholic siminary on Flores. It is sort of cultural and historical museum. Continue driving to Koka Beach. Swimming and relaxing at beautiful white sand beach before heading to Moni village. After enjoying you time here, keep going to Moni village. En route willl stop at Wolowaru village to see tradisional house of Lio tribe. Continue to Moni village to check in at your hotel.

DAY 4. Moni - Hiking Kelimutu Three Color Lake - Ende - Blue Stone Beach - Boawae Village.

Early morning drive to Kelimutu volcano. It is about 45 minutes from hotel to the car parking lot. An easy-walk about 30 minutes from parking area to Kelimutu volcano summit. The altitude of the volcano is about 1.500 meter above sea level. Fom the top of the mountain, you will see three different color crater lake made of volcanic explosion. Spectacular panorama can also be seen from the top with amazing sun rise, if the weather is sunny. Walking back to the parking area, and then drive back to hotel to have a breakfast. After taking breakfast at hotel, continue journey to Ende while stoping at few nice places for taking photos. Drive to Blue Stone Beach for relax or swim before continue driving to Boawae Village for overnight.

Note: The accommodation in this village is simple and offered very basic facilities.

DAY 5. Boawae Village - Rate Village - Trekking Ebulobo Volcano - Bajawa

After being breakfast at your accommodation. Drive to Rate village for about an hours. Start trekking from Rate Village to Ebulobo volcano. It takes about 3-4 hours trekking to the summit of this volcano. The elevation of Ebulobo volcano is around 2.100 meter above sea level. It is category into hard level trekking. After enjoying your time on the top of mountain, then trekking down back to Rate village. Then drive back to your hotel to pack all your belongings to continue trip to Bajawa.

DAY 6. Bajawa - Trekking Inerie Volcano - Bena Traditional Village - Tololela Traditional Village

After having breakfast. Drive to Watumeze village ‘a start point to trek to Inerie volcano’. Trekking is about 3-4 hours to the summit with an altitude is 2.260 meter above sea level. It is catgorized into hard level of trekking. Inerie volcano is the most spectacular volcano on Flores, as its shape is looking like huge piramid. You will be amazed with impressive panorama after reaching out the summit. Trekking down back to Watumeze village. Then, drive to Tololela traditional village. Accommodation and overnight at Tololela traditional village.

DAY 7. Tololela Village - Hiking to Gurusina Traditional Village - Malanage hot spring - Bajawa.

Simple breakfast at Tololela village. Trekking from Tololela down to Gurusina traditional village through bamboo forest. Walk around and taking photo in Gurusina village. Afterward, continue our adventure to Malanage hot spring for taking a bath and enjoy your time here. Driving back to Bajawa via Bena traditional village. Check in at your hotel.

DAY 8. Bajawa - Aimere - Ruteng

After breakfast at your hotel. Depart to Ruteng. Stop at Aimere village in southcoast of Flores island to see how the local people make alcohol drink called Arak. It is processed in traditionally from the juice which is tapping out of the palm fruits. Then they do fermentation and destillation process. After seeing all the process from the beginning until the end, then you have a chance to taste it. Continue driving to Ruteng via Borong. Stop at few spots for panoramic pictures. Check in at your hotel in Ruteng. In the afternoon will drive to Cancar to see the impressive view of Spider’s web rice-field called Lodok. Get back to your hotel for your accommodation.

DAY 9. Ruteng - Dintor Village - Denge Village - Trekking to Wae Rebo Traditional Village

After breakfast at your hotel. Depart to Denge Village via Narang and Dintor village. Denge is starting point of trekking to Wae Rebo traditional village. The trekking is about 2 to 3 hours to reach out the village through the jungle. Upon arrival in the village, you will be welcomed in main traditional house called Mbaru Tembong before taking you to the guest house (one of the traditional houses where it’is used for serving the guests including for accommodation during you are in the village).

DAY 10. Wae Rebo Village - Trekking Down Back Denge village - Labuan Bajo.

After having simple breakfast in Wae Rebo village, will trek down at the same route to get back to Denge village. Continue the trip by car from Denge village to Labuan Bajo. End of our service.


Flores Volcano trekking and hiking can be modified and combined with Komodo National Park tour. It depens on your request.