Aren’t you curious to join Flores and Komodo photography tour? It is an exciting trip to explore the various wonders of Flores Island and Komodo Islands at one-time tour package. There are beautiful panoramas, which can be used as attractive photography objects. From volcanoes to beaches and living creatures and culture, you will be offered with the best scenic portraits. In this chance, you can take photos of any shooting points offered by the islands.

Tribal groups, elevated volcanoes, and colorful crater lakes are among the finest objects during your Flores photography tours. As you are taken into Mount Kelimutu to Ende and Bejawa, you can stop on villages around the island, take a closer look to the local lives and put them into interesting photos. You can witness the unique architectural designs of traditional houses and enjoy the stitching of traditional cloth of Flores. Embarking on Labuan Bajo, you can prepare your next Flores photo travel to Komodo Island to enjoy the wild big lizard.

The western journey to find the best photo in komodo and Flores is a thrilling experience. As you get ashore on Komodo Island, you are guided to view the largest reptile in their wild life. The exploration to Flores and Komodo Islands shall give finer feeling of enjoying Indonesia from photographic angle. In addition, Batu Cermin Cave perhaps is your final destination during your Komodo and Flores special photography tour to gain the best photo on your traveling