bena traditional village

Stepping and mounting the beauty of Bena traditional village Flores will give you an unparalleled experience. 

Located on Flores Island, Indonesia, Bena village is settled near volcanic mountainous surroundings, at the heart of the ethnic civilization, Ngadha. 

This place is an alternative option to a different world, where you still can see hundreds of Stone Age preserved and culturally maintained by local people.

The secluded area makes this village favorable to enliven your historical knowledge and learn about the indigenous culture of the people. 

Once you step into Bena Village, you will see stone monuments, an ancestor worship sanctuary, and culturally preserved megalithic culture in a remote area that has been well maintained for more than 1200 years.

Must-Do Activities at Bena Traditional Village

Located just on the slopes of Mt. Inerie, Bena village is occupied by 9 different indigenous tribes that are living their life mostly as farmers. 

Such beautiful and enchanting ancient heritages in the village allow you to have the ultimate serenity and absorb in the hospitality of the people. 

Splendor and exquisite cultural heritage in Flores Island, Indonesia, make the beauty of this place unmatched.

Because its location is near to Bajawa city, Bena traditional village in Flores, Indonesia is the most often visited community village by foreign visitors, particularly because the weather is cool and charming. 

The houses in the village are arranged on terraced land. with a square shape and some spaces in the center that are often used for local community gatherings. 

See the beautiful green landscape across the hill with mountains to ocean panorama that gives a  feast for your eyes.

The cultural life of people at Bena Village Flores Island

The people of Bena village on Flores Island still live in a very traditional way. You will see houses with high thatch roofs that can be seen from a distance with sacred sanctuary in the center of the village, Ngadhu, and Bhaga. 

This pair of shrines is representing the ancestor of the clan. one for each clan in the village, in which the Ngadhu is representing the male ancestor that symbolizes fierceness and masculinity. and the Bhaga is representing the female ancestor.

Here, in this Bena traditional village in Flores Indonesia, you can enliven your historical curiosity with the enormous sight of megalithic formation in the village. The local people of Bena Village Flores Island believe that preserving the Stone Age allows them to connect with their ancestors and enter the supernatural realm. 

This ceremony often sacrifices animals  You can ride “Angkot” from Bejawa and walk to Bena, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Inerie and the Savu Sea, or hike to Malanage Hot Springs.

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