riung 17 islands marine park

The great beauty of underwater is not only found in Bunaken and Bali. You can find an amazing view of the underworld in Riung Marine Park in Flores

This place consists of 17 islands that you can explore during your trip. The islands are so beautiful, as you can see many trees along the islands. The beaches are full of white sand and the water is so clear. Doing water activities will be so much fun. 

Riung Marine Park is a great place for you who like to have nature activities.

What to Do in Riung Marine Park

Located in Flores Indonesia, this place can be accessed by small airplane from Bali or Lombok to Flores. The activities that you can do in Riung 17 Island Sea Park include the following things:


Diving is the main activity to do here. It is better to have a professional diver master with you so you can dive safely. There are many spots, where you can enjoy diving. 

You will find something unique like a sea rose, a unique organism that resembles a rose in color and shape. There are much beautiful fish, which you can see among the coral reefs.


Snorkeling on Ruing Flores Island is so much fun. Since the water is so clear, you can snorkel easily and see the beauty underwater. 

There are many beautiful fish, that live around the coral reefs. You can also easily see schools of fish passing by. 

Snorkeling will be much more fun when you have a companion, for example, your friend or couple. 

This place offers the beauty of land and water, so spending the holiday with your couple here is a great option.

Taking wonderful pictures

Since the beauty of this place is beyond your imagination, never miss a chance to take pictures of amazing spots. 

You can use a waterproof camera to take pictures of underwater creatures. You will get great pictures of corals, schools of fish, and even sea turtles.

Riung Marine Park is a great place to visit. However, since this place is newly developed for tourism, you need to prepare a bit more stuff. 

There are still few accommodation facilities, but you will be able to find one for you since the local people are so nice. It is better to bring cash than a credit card as you will find it hard to get to an ATM. 

Have your amazing holiday in this place and enjoy another beauty of the world you never seen.

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