Do you know that fishing around komodo national park is also one of the finest activities to wait for long line of scuba diving? Fishing can be your primary activity where you spend specific time to do in the island. This area is known for current breaks, upwelling, and stronger current, complicated with shallow coral. At least a guide is required to direct you to the safe fishing point, despite the protected area of the National Park.

For sport fisherman or hobbyist, fishing trip in komodo island is an awesome experience. Onboard national park officer shall be an important person to provide safe guides for fishing in the area. The officer can supervise the fishing activities to collect the catches and to release back the caught fishes. Fishes living in the area are stronger and more powerful. As such, more power and skill are necessary to satisfy your fishing desire.

How do you go for komodo fishing trip? There are several fishing spots, where the tourists and sport fishermen are directed. In one-day to several days tour package for specialized fishing trip around Komodo Park is also possible to be done. Class tackle fishing equipments is needed to handle such big and heavy fishes swimming around the Komodo Island. This fishing trip also can be combined with seeing Komodo dragon on the Land park of Komodo. Taking along your fishing gears is so much better, as in this area still is difficult to get professional fishing equipments.