Flores Island Indonesia – Flores? Where it is? That is maybe a question that appears on some people’s minds. Flores is a name of island in Indonesia that is located in Nusa Tenggara Timur or NTT Province with 14,300 km squares wide. Flores name is come from the Portuguese Language “Cabo das Flores” that means cape of flower.

Maybe Flores is not as famous as the other islands in Indonesia such as Bali, Lombok and Komodo Island, but actually you can find many unique things in Flores. Flores is rich for its natural sources. You can find many active volcanoes here that make the soils in Flores are so fertile for agriculture. Besides that, the maritime or marine worlds in Flores are still promising many lives and the savanna overlay in the north side is really potential for the animal husbandry sector.

If you asked about the beauty, Flores will give you a lot of beautiful scenery of its natural areas. On this island, you can visit three colors lake that is located at the Kalimutu Mount crater. This is the main attraction that makes many people come to Flores. This lake is a gift that you will not find in the other place. If you wanted to find more beautiful scenery, you can go to the valley that is located at Ruteng’s mountain. On this island, you can also be able to see Komodo as one of the world’s heritage. For you who love to explore the beaches, Flores will serve you with its beautiful white sand beach that is placed at the north of Maumere. Flores also offers the beautiful scenery under its sea areas at the west and east side of this Flores Island Indonesia. That is why; we can say that Flores is also a perfect place to dive and we can say a lot of foreigners here in Flores.

Flores has many kinds of cultures and tribes that makes this Flores Island Indonesia is a perfect place to learn about traditional cultures and tribes. You can find many impressive traditional villages each of region, spectacular landscape, active volcanoes, art works like traditional dances, art crafts and various instruments in Flores. One of the most famous art crafts or art products from Flores is its tenun ikat. This is the original and traditional clothes from Flores that is made by hand. It makes this clothes is having a premium and exclusive quality that is loved by many people from all over this world.