Flores Island Indonesia – Flores? Where it is? That is maybe a question that appears in some people’s minds. Flores is the name of the island in Indonesia that is located in Nusa Tenggara Timur or NTT Province with 14,300 km squares wide. Flores’s name comes from the Portuguese Language “Cabo das Flores” which means cape of the flower.

Maybe Flores is not as famous as the other islands in Indonesia such as Bali, Lombo, and Komodo Island, but actually, you can find many unique things in Flores. Flores is rich in their natural sources. You can find many active volcanoes here that make the soils in Flores are so fertile for agriculture. Besides that, the maritime or marine worlds in Flores are still promising many lives and the savanna overlay in the north side is really potential for the animal husbandry sector.

If you asked about the beauty, Flores will give you a lot of beautiful scenery of its natural areas. On this island, you can visit three colors lake that is located at the Kalimutu Mount crater. This is the main attraction that makes many people come to Flores. This lake is a gift that you will not find in the other place. If you wanted to find more beautiful scenery, you can go to the valley that is located at Ruteng’s mountain.

On this island, you can also be able to see Komodo as one of the world’s heritage. For you who love to explore the beaches, Flores will serve you with its beautiful white sand beach that is placed at the north of Maumere. Flores also offers the beautiful scenery under its sea areas at the west and east side of this Flores Island Indonesia. That is why; we can say that Flores is also a perfect place to dive and we can say a lot of foreigners here in Flores.

Flores has many kinds of cultures and tribes that makes this Flores Island Indonesia is a perfect place to learn about traditional cultures and tribes. You can find many impressive traditional villages each of region, spectacular landscape, active volcanoes, art works like traditional dances, art crafts and various instruments in Flores. One of the most famous art crafts or art products from Flores is its tenun ikat. This is the original and traditional clothes from Flores that is made by hand. It makes this clothes is having a premium and exclusive quality that is loved by many people from all over this world.

Flores Tour Package

Flores Tour Packages is one trip package that we offer for travelers who want to visit Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), a province in Indonesia. As Flores island offers many interesting things such as marine tourism, prehistoric sites, mountain climbing or hiking, traditional villages, and many cultural activities. Here on this island, you can also dive in one of many spectacular diving locations together with dolphins and other sea creatures. On this island, you can also see the exotic prehistoric giant lizard that is called Komodo. That is why; there are many tour agencies that offer some interesting tour packages to enjoy and discover Flores’ uniques. Below are some of those Flores tour packages.

Flores Tour Packages (4Days/3Nights)

This is the first Flores Tour Packages that you can choose. On this tour, you will be brought to visit some interesting places in Flores like Labuan Bajo, Rinca Island and Cunca Rami. There is also an option of diamond tour package where you can get some luxurious services such as five star hotel plus Phinisi luxury AC cabin boat trip to explore more Komodo environment, Gold Package where you can stay at four stars hotel and cabin and the Silver tour Package where you can stay at three stars hotel plus open deck.

This tour package is included some services such as transportation from Labuan bajo, private boat, ac car, Guide, fee of Entrance fee, fee of komodo ranger, mineral water, fee of camera, , dinner service for two nights and trip insurance. The minimum participant for this travel package is two people and ten people for maximum participants.

Overland Flores Tour Packages (5 Days 4 Nights Program)

This is the second Flores Tour Packages that you can choose, especially if you stayed longer on that island. Some facilities that are included on this package are picking and deliver facilities from and to the airport along the tour, 4 night accommodation (twin share), Meals based on the itinerary, snack and mineral water, Snorkeling gear, tour guide, tax and services. Usually, you will need to bring casual clothes on this tour and the other devices such as glasses, camera, sandal, sunblock cream and many more.

Some destinations to visit on this tour are Maumere, Moni, Ende,Riung, 17 islands, Bajawa, Ruteng, Labuan bajo. Just like the other tours, on these overland Flores Tour Packages the minimum participants are two people and the maximum amounts are 10 participants.

To join and knowing more about the other Flores Tour Packages, you can contact us for the details!

Flores Attraction and Unique Culture Tour

Have you been to Flores before? When you desire to know better about the culture and tradition in Flores, at least 6 days tour across the island is worth it. There are a lot of tourist objects which you can visit on the island. They include a visit to Komodo Island. As you visit traditional tribes that are living in remote places, you may find and learn several customs, which are different from those of yours.

As you explore Flores’s cultural attractions, there are places with their own particular cultural attraction. They include: Ngada, Nage Keo, Ende, Lio, Manggarai, Sikka, and Lamahaolot.

In these places, you will find different traditions and languages spoken by native dwellers. Flores may give you traditional Ikat Weaving design, which is a beautiful handmade wear. In addition to visiting traditional culture in the island, you can also visit different volcanoes widely dispersed in Flores. After a break of your mountainous journey, you can continue to enjoy the traditional show in the place, where you stay.

In addition, you can enjoy Flores traditional dance. Flores is rich with traditional dances, which represent local tradition and value. Caci dance, Danding/Tandak dance, and Vera dance are among of them. These performance arts can be included into your tour package to Flores Island.

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