Komodo Day Tour Komodo Day Tour is one of the most popular tour which is requested by our customers particularly serve you who have a very limited time, yet you are still eager to witness the Largest Monitor Lizard called Komodo Dragon within the zone of Komodo National Park.   This Komodo day tour is actually not only visit Komodo island to see Komodo Dragon and other wild-life, but also visit some interesting places where you can do snorkeling and relaxing depending on your need and request when you book this tour to us.   And we also try to arrange the Komodo day tour itinerary as effective as possible to meet your expectation in order to make your Komodo day tour more enjoyable and momorable moment. The itinerary is based on your wish and desire. You can discuss it with us to get better recommendation and suggestion. And of course, we will try to give you the best advise and solution in desingning the suitable trip itinerary and tour schedule for you.   We can pick you up at the original destination and drop you off at the final destination where you will end up this Komodo day tour. If you were starting this Komodo day tour from Bali and end it up in Bali too, we suggest you that it is better booking an early morning flight to Labuan Bajo, and take latest afternoon flight back to Bali. We will do picking up and dropping off service up on your arrival in Labuan Bajo, Komodo airport. If Bali is your starting and ending point of this Komodo day tour, we recommend you to use a fast/speed boat to cover all the places you wish to visit around Komodo archipelago.   Komodo day tour is type of over sea tour, and it is surely that the transportation which is used during this one day Komodo trip is by using boats or vessals to reach from one place to another places. We have several types and sizes of boat tour ranges from local motorized boat, phinisi saiki g boat, and speed/fast boat. We will provide them based on your group size, weather you are traveling individually, small group or big group. And of course the boat prices different is depending on their shape, size, and its class or facilities.   The Komodo one-day tour can be able to be done by a solo/single traveler, two persons, a small group, or even big group tour in which the total participants is more than 10 persons. Traveling in a group tour is of course more economical than an individual trip, since a group tour you can share the tour budget. We sometimes gather the tour participant to form a group to travel together in same time to share the trip cost, but sometimes it is also a bit hard to figure it out because of their traveling date and schedule are different to each other. We also let our customer to find themselves their travel parthner to form the group.   Then, about the trip program and schedule. We actually have a series of tour programs that we displayed on our web page. You can have a look them, but it can also be re-modified them becuase you probably have a special request or it may be the tour programs we suggest to you on our website are not what you want. So, just drop us a message if you request a different trip program. The Komodo one-day tour schedule is also adjusted based on your booking and request. We have no fixed schedule of it. You can make your own travel timetable suite for your travel date. Booking in advance for the Komodo one-day tour is recommended and of course, it is so much better than last-minute booking.   We also do not publish the tour rate on this Komodo day tour program or even in our website, since it is a tailor/customized tour package. The tour cost will be informed to you after we have known the all the tour components included as you have requested to us through our reservation department.   For more information about our Komodo day tour, Please just contact us to get tour cost.

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