Can you do and book a Komodo tour from Bali?

For the travelers who are now still staying in Bali Indonesia. If you have planned to take a trip to Komodo or have some free time after touring around Bali island, then, you probably want to seek the nicest tour destinations to be visited beyond the Bali area. We (Top Komodo Tours Agent) recommend you to do and book a komodo tour from Bali as your suitable choice to complete your visit to Indonesia.

How to get to Komodo National Park from Bali?

The easiest and fastest way to get to Komodo from Bali is by air transportation. It is just one hour flight to West Flores’s airport which is called Komodo Airport. There are many domestic airlines operating from Bali to Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo, in West Flores. You can check them out online and purchase the ticket. Actually, It is also possible to take public sea and land transportation from Bali to Komodo, but it takes a few days to reach there.

Komodo tour from Bali is a type of oversea tour. It means that to explore the Komodo dragon’s island and surroundings, you will use sea transportation from Labuan Bajo town as the jumping-off point of this tour. The type of transportation which is used during this trip is by using wooden boats or vessels to reach from one place to another place.

We have several types and sizes of boat tours ranging from a local motorized boat, and standard AC boats to luxurious boat service, and also speedboat/fast boats. We will provide them based on your request and group size, whether you are traveling individually, small group, or in a big group. And of course, the boat price is depending on the boat’s shape, size, and class or facilities.

What is the primary attraction on Komodo Tour From Bali?

The primary attraction on this tour is visiting Komodo island and its surroundings to witness the enormous pre-historical wild animal that is called Komodo Dragon which lives nowhere else on this globe, except only in Komodo National Park, Flores, east Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. This tour is a combination trip with snorkeling activities in the crystal clear ocean with abundant marine biodiversities surrounding the Komodo archipelago.

Komodo tour from Bali has no specific tour program or trip schedule. In fact, We have a series of Komodo tour programs that are displayed on our web page. You can have a look at them, but they can also be re-modified as you wish because you probably have a special request or it may be the tour programs we suggest on our website are not what you want. So, just drop us a message if you modify them or request a different travel program.

The schedule of the Komodo tour from Bali is also able to be adjusted based on your booking and your trip timetable. You can make your own travel timetable match to your travel date. Booking in advance is more recommended than the last minute request as we need to prepare the tour logistic prior to the trip departure.

Each of the tour programs that we place on our website has not published the tour rate, since it is a tailor/customized tour package. The tour cost will be informed to you after we have known all the tour components included when you have requested to us through our reservation department.

How to book this Komodo Dragon Tour From Bali?

Book a Komodo tour from Bali is a simple and easy way. All our tour booking system is online. You can send us a message via email or via WhatsApp. We always try to give you a response as fast as possible. 

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