Komodo & Wae Rebo tour in Flores island is a combination of two different trips to discover the village of Wae Rebo as the hearth of the unique culture of west Flores and to explore the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon around the Komodo National Park of Indonesia.

The program of the Wae Rebo village tour in west Flores will also be split out from the komodo dragon tour depending on the customers’ request.  Here is the recommended tour program provided by us.

7D/6N. Wae Rebo Village Tour in Flores.

DAY 01. Arrival at Labuan Bajo's Airport  – Hotel

On your arrival at Komodo airport Labuan Bajo, west Flores, you will be fetched and meeting service with a local tour guide, and transferred to your chosen hotel. In the afternoon will visit Batu Cermin cave to see nice stalagmite and stalagmites, big black spiders, and some marine fossils as well. Bring back to the hotel through Paradise hill (Bukit Paradise) to enjoy the fantastic sea view and some beautiful scenery of small Islands around Labuan Bajo as well as enjoy the spectacular sunset.

DAY 02. Labuan Bajo - Lodok Cancar - Denge village (D)

Breakfast at the hotel, then drive to the mainland of Flores. Stop at Melo viewpoint. Visit Cara village to see the unique shape of the rice field that looks like “Giant spider’s web. It is part of the tradition of the Manggarai tribe to divide the farmland.  Continue your trip to the village of Denge as a starting point of your trek to the original traditional village of Wae Rebo, and here iss also a village where you will stay for overnight, and Dinner will also be served at Denge village Guest House.

DAY 03.Denge village - Wae Rebo unique traditional village (B,L,D)

Breakfast at Denge Guest House then begins your Wae Rebo village tour in west Flores. Start your tour by trekking to the untouched village of Wae Rebo through the pure and dense jungle takes about 3 or 4 hours. Along the trekking,  you can find so much different vegetation is one of great interest, from the families of orchids, palms, ferns, etc. The natural voice of various types of singing birds will entertain you along the trip. Wae Rebo is also one of the best places for Manggaraian cultural research.

The clear and freshwater river on the way up to the village is a good point to take a rest. In the village of Wae Rebo, we can discover pure traditional conical houses constructed of Manggarai ethnic, which is one of them is a ‘drum house’ with very unique architecture, a place for holding meetings, rituals, and Sunday-morning prayers. The drum house is a communal building for a clan or clan branch, symbolizing the ideal unity of patrilineal descent. Lunch will be served in villagers’ houses, Dinner & Overnight are also at Wae Rebo traditional village on west flores  island.

DAY 04. Wae Rebo village – Denge - LabuanBajo (B,L,)

Early breakfast at the village, then start trekking down in the same way back to Denge village about 3 hours. Continue driving back to Labuan Bajo through the same road. In the afternoon will arrive in Labuan Bajo and check in at your chosen hotel.

DAY 05. Labuan Bajo - Rinca island - Pink Beach - Komodo island (L,D)

After breakfast at your hotel, will be transferred to the harbor to catch a wooden boat leaving for Rinca island approx. 2 ½ hours. After arriving on Rinca Island, you will do the trek that’s accompanied by the local Ranger to explore the island to see the Komodo dragon in their natural habitat. 

Rinca Island is also home for some wild animals like Wild Water Buffaloes, Deer, Long Tail Macaques, Wild Boar, Wild Horses, etc. Keep your eyes up to the trees, if you are lucky sometimes you will also find a small Komodo dragon on the trees to avoid the adult dragon. After trekking on Rinca Island, will get back to the boat to continue the trip to the fabulous Pink Beach on Komodo island about 2 ½ hours to snorkel, relax, and swim.  At noon will ride the boat to one of the small islands around Komodo for overnight on the boat. Lunch will also be served on the boat.


DAY 06. Komodo island - Manta point - Kanawa island - Labuan Bajo (B, L)

Breakfast on the boat, then trekking to explore the island of Komodo. Along the trek, you will be welcomed and entertained by a beautiful concert of many kinds of tropical birds. This island is also home for Deer, Wild Boar, Wild Water Buffalo, etc. After trekking will get back to the boat to continue the trip to Manta Point to snorkel with a huge Manta ray.

If you are lucky, you can even watch them from the boat (Trip to manta point is not 100% guaranteed to go and see manta ray. it’ll not take this trip if the sea condition is quite extreme such as strong current, high wave or strong wind). After spending your time in Manta point will continue the trip to another fabulous white sandy beach called Kanawa island for swimming, relaxing, and snorkeling in the crystal clear water with the nice coral reef and thousands of colorful fish. In the afternoon will get back to Labuan Bajo. Lunch will be served on the boat, and overnight is at your chosen hotel in Labuan Bajo.

DAY 07. Hotel  - Mirror Rock Cave - Airport.

After having breakfast at the hotel, you will do a city sightseeing tour around Labuan Bajo to visit the daily local market and Batu Cermin cave (Natural Crystal Rock Cave), to see the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite, big black spider, little fruit bats, and some marine fossils. After visiting the cave will be transferred to the airport to catch your flight to the next destination.