Please kindly read carefully our Term of Service and some other important Information when you are booking a tour with us:


  1.  Booking status will be officially confirmed and secure when you have transferred DOWN PAYMENT to our account.
  2.  Booking and Reservation should be sent driectly to our company’s  e-mail address ( in order to be easily recording all your requested via email.


  1. All tour price is quoted in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) & American Dollar (USD).
  2. Down Payment is a MUST to officially confirm and secure your booking with us.
  3. Recommended Payment is by using TransferWise, Bank Transferred, Xoom, Western Union
  5. Please inform us soon after you have transferred Payment.
  6. Rest Payment MUST be settled on the day of meeting us, before the tour is begun
  7. Bank Administration fee will be paid by yourself
  8. Our Bank Data and Account will be sent to you when it is needed.


  1. If you cancel the tour-booked with us after you transferred Down Payment or in 30 days before Tour Departure, YOUR DOWN PAYMENT will NOT BE REFUNDABLE, because we’ll also pay the cancellation fee for the tour components that we have booked/prepared.
  2. After you have paid all the Tour Price to us, but suddenly you will cancel the tour in a last minute, while you HAVE NOT STARTED THE TOUR with us. So that, we will REFUND you 15% from the whole total Price.
  3. After you have paid all the Tour Price to us, but suddenly you will cancel the tour due to any reasons, while you HAVE BEEN DOING THE TOUR with us. So that, we will investigate that cancellation issue before we will take a decision whether it enables us to give you little bit REFUND or not?


KOMODO NATIONAL PARK (For Foreign Visitors)

  • On Working Days (Monday to Saturday):
    -Entrance fee: IDR. 150.000/person/day
    -Ranger fee: IDR. 120.000/group (1 – 5 people)
    -Government tax/Retribution:  IDR. 100.000/person/day
    -Wild life watching/observe fee: IDR 5.000/person/day
    -Trekking-hiking fee: IDR 5.000/person/day
    -Snorkeling activity: IDR 65.000/person/day
  • On Weekend (Sunday and other Public Holidays):
    -Entrance fee: IDR. 225.000/person/day
    -Ranger fee:IDR. 120.000/group (1 – 5 people)
    -Government tax/Retribution: IDR. 100.000/person/day
    -Wild life watcthing/observe fee:  IDR 5.000/person/day
    -Trakking-hiking fee: IDR 5.000/person/day
    -Snorkeling activity: IDR 65.000/person/day

KELIMUTU NATIONAL PARK Fee (For Foreign Visitors)

  • On Working Days (Monday to Saturday):  IDR. 150.000/person/day
  • On Weekend (Sunday and other Public Holidays): IDR. 225.000/person/day

Note: There will also be Entrance Tickets in other tourism spots beyond both of National Park’s Ticktes above, yet the amount is maximum IDR 100,000/visitors and minimum IDR. 25,000/visitors. And all above fee is paid in cash on the the spot.


Some tourism objects which have no official ticket from the Local Government, it is normally you will pay Donation Fee around IDR. 25.000/pax/object. And sometime at certain spots require a Local Guide Tour Guide to explore them.


We will give you the price based on your need and requested when you reserve our service, wheater you request Fullboard Tour Package, Halfboard Tour Package or just Rent the Transportation. We have some set of tour program, but we also can customize or modify them according to the local condition. And if you have your owned tour program, we will try to suite it based on your requested but, Please kindly tell us ahead in order to enable us to try matching it accordingly.

Note: For the safety and security reason, We sometimes change the itinrary on the spot, even skip some of tourism spots stated in the itinerary if there would be an issue of natural disaster such as: bad weather, landslide, storm, rough sea, strong current, or any force-major which are beyond of human-control.


Cash (IDR) for personal expenses, trekking/walking shoes, trousers, long sleeves, sweater, jackets, raincoat (in the rainy season), good resistant of walking booth (in rainy season), sleeping bag for village tour program (if you have a program to sleep in the village), sun glasses, sun hat, mosquito spray, malaria prevention pill (malarone pill), sun lotion, towel, snorkel gear, swimming suit, portable flash light, sandals, camera, video camera, first aid box, copy of passport and other important travel documents which is unmentioned here.


We are so care and concens to any inputs or complaints from our customers. Please kindly inform or report to our reprentative on the spot or directly contact us soon for any unsatisfactory service during your are traveling with us. So that, we can try to solve it as much as we can.


Banks and Money Changer have a different exchange-rate with International rate due to we have only small local Banks  and Money Changers. Money Changer has also limited available. If you start this tour from Bali or any well-developed touristic area in Indonesia, it’s better changing your currency there before traveling to our region. We also have some Banks with ATM Card service. Most of the hotels, restaurants, mini market or any shops are only possible to be paid in cash and really a few of them are acceptable Credit Card Payment.


Please! inform us your exact  flight schedule to arrange your pick up and drop off service at the airport. It sometimes has a problem with an irregularity of  domestic flight schedule in Indonesia such as: delay and cancellation. So, Please! Re-check or Re-confirm your flight schedule in airline company where you purchased or issued your ticket at least 48 hours before flying.


We always try to do the best making you happy and satisfied during your travel to our region, yet we act only as an intermediary or as a local tours & travel agency who arrange all your tour comonents as you request such as: transportation, accommodation, boat tour service, tour guide service etc. We do not responsible for anything missing, damage, delay, cancellation or irregularities of flight schedule, minor or major accident including death, any natural disaster such as: bad weather, landslide, storm, rough sea or any force-major which are beyond of our control.