komodo shore tour via cruise ship

Komodo Island Tours from Cruise Ship. 

Komodo Island tour from Cruise Ship in Indonesia is one of the main destinations which is called on by many cruise ships such as HAL cruise ship, P&O, Princess, Celebrity X cruise, NCL, Azamara, Seven Seas, Oceania, AidaVita, etc. 

Komodo Island Tours From Cruise Ship is a tour that is recommended to the cruise ship’s passengers who want to do a half-day or one-day Komodo island shore excursion regarding their visit to Komodo island via cruise ship. 

This Komodo shore excursion tour from the cruise ship is a part of your great travel experience since there are some exciting activities to do during your visit to Komodo Island via Cruise Ship.

However, if it is first time for you to come to Komodo Island via cruise ship and you want to experience some Komodo Island Tours with the best service given by the local tour agency, we are a recommended and reliable local tour agency who have a great deal of experiences in handling Komodo Island shore tours. 

We have several shore tour options to be offered to the cruisers during your cruise ship anchoring for few hours on Loh Liang Slawy bay, Komodo Island port Indonesia. The most recommended tour we offer are: SEE KOMODO DRAGON BY WALKING ON KOMODO ISLAND, and KOMODO DRAGON COMBINED WITH PINK BEACH

You can have a look few of many excellent customer reviews on TripAdvisor and other online Travel platforms about our Komodo Island Tours From Cruise Ship.

What to see and Do during your Komodo Shore Tours or Komodo Island Tours From Cruise Ship?

During your Komodo Island Tours From Cruise Ship, we will take the cruise passengers who book independently their Komodo shore tours to some of the interesting places such as: 

1. Loh Liang on Komodo Island

Loh Liang on Komodo Island is the place for walking along the tropical rain forest on Komodo island to explore Flora and Fauna especially to see the giant lizard of Komodo dragon in their natural habitat. 

You may also find some other wildlife such as Timor deer, wild boards, buffaloes, and many kinds of tropical birds even some land snakes could be found on the island. 

There is no any means of land transportation to explore the island to see the Komodo dragon and other wildlife. It is done only by walking through the tropical forest. 

2. Pink Beach

Another option for Komodo shore tours from the cruise ship is visiting a spectacular spot for a snorkel, swimming, relaxing, and sunbathing on the pristine white and red sand beach. beautiful coral reefs and many colorful fishes can also be found at Pink Beach. This place is one of the eight Pink Beaches on earth. 

The way to reach this destination is only by riding boat from Loh Liang pier (cruise ship tender point) to Pink Beach. It takes about 30-minutes by local slow boat, and 10-minutes by Fastboat.

3. Kampung Komodo

For cruise ship passengers who are interested to know well about the simple daily life of the local community on the island, as part of the Komodo Island Excursion is visiting Kampung Komodo; a traditional fishing village and local fishermen communities.

To reach this place is by taking a boat from Loh Liang pier. It takes around 20-minutes by Local slow boat and 5-minutes by Speedboat.

4. Padar Island

Padar Island is third big island in Komodo National Park after Komodo and Rinca island. This island is one of the most famous spot to enjoy the most spectacular panorama within Komodo National Park.

It is good recommendation to take this trip for the cruisers who are still fit and strong physical condition. Because you must do trekking activity up to the top of the island to get the impressive and most completed natural panorama.

The difficulty level of the trek is medium level. This trekking will be through the savannah grass. It has no shadow and trees along the way up. Since this island is around 95% is full of savannah. And of course, the trekking condition will be a lot heat all the way.

For the cruise ship passenger who are eager to take this tour, we recommend using speedboat from Loh Liang, Komodo Island Port to cover the spot-visit listed on your itinerary. It is about 30-minutes from this Komodo island port to Padar Island. Then trekking in Padar about 1-hour up and 45-minutes back down.

For your additional information and consideration for including Padar Island on your Komodo Tour from cruise ship, Padar Island is open only until 10.00 AM in the morning and will be open again at 16.00 PM in the afternoon (Local Time). 

This regulation is made by the national park authority to avoid the heat of the sun and dehydration. As we explain beforehand that, the trekking to the top of Padar Island is on the open area which means there will be no shade or trees along the trekking path of the island.

5. Manta Point

Manta Point in Komodo National Park is becoming a popular location to find Manta Rays. It is also one of the main destination to be tergeted for travelers who are visiting Komodo National Park.

Manta Rays are relatively harmless. They swim elegantly around the area and feed on tiny plankton. Beside seeing Manta Rays, you can also find some other marine life during snorkel in this spot.

The best time to see manta rays at Manta Point is during the dry season from May to October, although they can be seen all year-round. You can observe during snorkel, they are floating around you while flaping their large wings.

Please note that, it does not guarantee to see Manta Rays here. It depends on your luck, weather and nature conditions.

Besides, you may find coral-reefs perching from only 2-meters to 9-meters in depth. Sometime turtles, sharks, eagle rays, giant trevallies, huge clams, various kinds of sponges, and cuttlefish and several things may find during your snorkel.

It is recommended only for cruisers who are good and strong swimmers/snorkelers, because it is an off-shore snorkeling activity. Moreover, it has very strong current on this snorkel spot.

The cruisers who are interested to include manta point on your Komodo Island shore tour, we will provide a speedboat to reach all the destinations on your tour that day. Especially if your tour is combined with another spots, like Pink Beach and Komodo Dragon. To be known that, the Manta Point is about 1-hours from Komodo Island Port, where your cruise ship is achored.

Here below are sample itineraries of  Komodo island excursions from cruise ships that we recommeded most to our guests from the cruise ship calling on Komodo Island port Indonesia.

1. Komodo Dragon Tour From Cruise Ship
komodo dragon tour from cruise ship

Tendering from your cruise ship to the Komodo island pier.- Meeting and short briefing done by our team and Komodo National Park rangers. 

Walking around Komodo island’s monsoon forest to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat and watching other wildlife around the island. Returning to the tender point for tendering back to the cruise ship. 

For detailed tour information please just drop us a message and you can have a look at our Komodo Dragon Tour from the cruise ship review here. Please see the Review

2. Komodo Dragon with Pink Beach Tour From Cruise Ship
pink beach in komodo island

Tendering from your cruise ship to the Komodo island jetty – meeting and short briefing done by our team and Komodo National Park rangers. 

Walking around Komodo island’s monsoon forest to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat and watching other wildlife around the island. 

Returning to the starting point, take a walk for 5-minutes to the pier to catch our local boat to Pink Beach. Snorkeling/swimming/relaxing at spectacular Pink Beach. Boating back to the pier. Take to the tender point for tendering back to the cruise ship. Please see the Review

If you trust us to arrange your Komodo Island Tours From Cruise Ship, we will try to do our best in arranging your memorable trip experience on Komodo island before your cruise ship leaving  for the next destination.

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