One-day Trip to Komodo National Park

Every traveler could also take a day trip to Komodo National Park by speed boat. The trip is actually starting from Labuan Bajo, west Flores or even from Bali depending on your flight schedule. It includes with snorkeling activity in the much recommended spots around the Komodo Notational Park. And you need to consult to your travel agency to find details of things that you prepare during your one day visiting Komodo National Park. Get the dragons on one-day access by speed boat touring to Komodo and Rinca Islands will be perfect experience.

Taking a trip to Komodo Island by speed boat can also be an amazing experience for any travelers. You need to know that, there is no single hotel and restaurant in Komodo Island. It is better to prepare everything you need to bring before you get there. Along the sea travel by speed boat to Komodo Island, you can enjoy many beautiful isles, various marine fishes by snorkeling and beautiful waves. This Komodo island trip by speed boat will bring you from an island to another island to discover Komodo dragon and its environment around Komodo National Park. You will also enjoy the great views along the way trip.

In this tour will also include taking tour to Rinca island by speed boat as second Major Island in Komodo Park. You can also see the Komodo dragons and magnificent landscape as you get in Rinca Island. As Rinca Island is also closest spot to see Komodo dragon from Labuan Bajo, therefore visit Rinca island by using speed boat, combine with Komodo island by speed boat will also be a great experience. Contact us if you want to do a day trip by using speed boat to Komodo national park to see Komodo dragon.