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Indonesia is a great place for having a recreation. There are many places, which the tourists can visit to spend the free time. One of the best places that you can visit in Indonesia is Komodo national park. This place offers the beauty of nature and a great animal, which cannot be found in any other places in the world, namely title=”Indonesian Komodo Dragon “Largest Living Lizard on Earth” Komodo dragon. This reptile is believed to be the living dinosaur. The great view of the beach, the great komodo, and the nice people will welcome you warmly.

This Indonesian national park, which protects komodo, is located in the border area between two provinces, East Nusa Tenggara, and West Nusa Tenggara. The park includes islands: Komodo, Rinca, Padar and other small islands surrounding. It has been considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can see the biggest lizard on earth wandering freely on the island.

Tips for safety trip at Komodo national park

If you go to explore this national park, you need to have safety as your main priority. In order to stay peacefully and safely, you should follow the all rangers’ instructions. The place is perfect and amazing with natures both sea and land park. However, the island is known for the huge protected reptiles.

Therefore, there are general tips for you who want to do exploring in this Indonesian national park as a natural habitat for komodo dragon.

  • Have a ranger or a guide with you.

Never walk alone along the island to see komodo because they are dangerous and aggressive, particularly when they are disturbed. Besides, the saliva is poisonous; therefore, even though you are not badly injured, when you are wounded, you can have worse condition afterwards. Some visitors have been attacked by the animal.

  • Have a dragon stick to accompany when walking with a Park Ranger.

Usually, komodo is afraid of stick as we place it on their sensitive organ of Komodo. Therefore, it is better for you to have someone from the park when you are walking along the track.

  • Wear shoes and trousers during trekking along the park.

There are many snakes and other dangerous animals on the ground, so the safest thing when you go to have a walk is wearing shoes. Wear comfortable sport shoes so you can go easily during the track.

  • Do not feed komodo during you are on the park.

While walking, when you see komodo, just watch from a distance. Do not get too closer or feed them or you will have a big trouble.

Those tips are necessary when you have a holiday in this national park. Just make sure to put safety as the first priority, then you can enjoy the wonderful natural view of the Komodo land park. For more info or for your tour plan, just contact us here!Contact Us

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