Rinca Island – Komodo island is maybe more popular, but in fact there are a lot of people who are interested and visiting the Rinca island. There are many reasons why they prefer to visit this island such as this island is closer from Labuan Bajo and the number of Komodo in Rinca Island is more than the other islands. Below we will explain more about this beautiful island.

Rinca Island is located in West Manggarai district, Nusa Tenggara Timur. In addition, Komodo lives at 4 places that are included to the Komodo National Park. Those places are the Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Gili Motang and Nusa Kode. You need for about 2 hours long if you planned to use the land transportation to get into the entrance of this Rinca Island, Loh Buaya or crocodile bay from Labuan Bajo.

Rinca Island is for about 19,000 hectares wide and it has for about 2,318 population of Komodo. This number is more than the Komodo Island had (with 2,126 population of Komodo). However, many tourists are usually wanting to visit these both island, the Komodo and Rinca Island to make their vacation is complete.

Rinca Island is a second biggest islands in Komodo National Park. Furthermore, it is part of Komodo National Park famous as a habitat of the giant lizards in the world. Meanwhile, the island surface is consisted of limestone hills with wide savanna where the Komodo Dragons love to stay in. Moreover, there are other species of wild animals living together in this island such as water buffalo, monkeys, forest pig, deer, birds etc. In addition, Rinca Island is one of the famous tourist destinations to discover the big reptiles of Komodo living free on the land. The popular activity for traveler visiting Rinca island is an exciting trekking adventure through the island to explore the island in discovering Komodo dragon, other wild life and spectacular landscape.

Loh Buaya in Rinca island is a small bay where the crocodiles wildly living in this place. Loh Buaya is coming from the local world where Loh means bay, while Buaya is crocodile. Since the crocodiles are found in this bay then slow down this area is called by Loh Buaya or Crocodile Bay. Furthermore, Loh Buaya is the only arrival jetty of Rinca Island where the boats are usually docking at this place. There is a wooden bridge in front of the entrance gateway to facilitate the tourists to visit the island. Meanwhile, the Rinca island the easiest island to find Komodo dragons due to we can find the Komodo when we arrive at this island. There are also several trekking adventures available through this island to discover the Komodo Dragons on the island.