Manta Point in Komodo – some snorkeling spots in Indonesia offer many experiences to see giant Manta rays, like the manta point around Komodo Island. There, tourists can freely swim together with this amazing creature. You will see so many manta rays play on the sea surface on this Manta Point in Komodo. If you wanted to swim together with them, you can snorkel at this manta point. In this way, you will be able to watch many manta rays even from a close distance. For giving more experience, you can bring your underwater camera to capture the moment when you were swimming together with Manta rays.

Manta Point in Komodo is the perfect place to see manta sting ray at their real habitat and it will be a fun activity. You can see those manta rays swim to many directions and open their mouth widely to eat many types of plankton in a massive numbers. Although Manta ray is a huge animal, but it is not dangerous. So, you can swim together with this fish. However, you may not touch that manta with your bare hand, you just be allowed to see them. Why? It is because those manta stingrays body are covered by mucus that is functioned to cover its body. If you touched this mucus layer, it will harm the manta stingray.

Besides swimming together with Manta rays at the Manta Point in Komodo, you can also do some snorkeling here since this place also offering the most stunning underwater creatures such as coral reef and beautiful fishes sea creature.  To reach manta point you can use speed boat or a touring boat charter from Labuan Bajo or which is combining with some trip to explore  several small islands such as Komodo island, Rinca island, Padar, kanawa, and Bidadari island for snorkeling or trekking.

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