Another place in Indonesia is worth visiting to see a different side of the country is Liang Bua in Flores Island Indonesia. This place has been increasingly famous since the discovery of human bones around the island. They are believed as homo floresiensis but in a hobbit shape. Scientists are still debating of where to put the link, but the search for the remaining bones is still on going. Many locals and international tourists choose to visit the island to learn the history. Of course, the island is also a great destination for families with school age kid.

Liang Bua in Flores Island Indonesia

Liang Bua is located in Flores Island, Indonesia. A visit to Liang Bua Cave must be included in your holiday trip. You can enjoy riding motorbike, car, bemo or truck along the way. It is better to go there with a tour guide so he/she can explain well about the finding of bones in this cave. However, if you like to explore the island on your own way, you can go to the cave yourself and get the experience of learning history here.

Liang Bua is the place where homo floresiensis was found. It is new species of pre-historic human being called Homo Floresiensis, but in a smaller shape. They must have got deformation. Since they are small and short, they are often called hobbit and the cave is more famous by the name of Flores Hobbit Cave. This place has stalactites and stalagmites, as any other caves do. Inside, you will see ash and mud at the point where the bones were first found.

As a Homo Floresiensis Cave in Flores, this place must have played an important role in the past. Even though dwarfs are not common, people believe that they had lived here before. That is why, as the new things were found, this place has been increasingly more popular.

Countryside around Homo Floresiensis cave in Flores island.

Besides, seeing the beauty and uniqueness of Homo Floresiensis cave in Flores island exploring the nature and countryside around the cave is a wonderful experience where you can find some nice rice terraces, local plantation grown by people living around the cave area. Try to make a visit and keep direct contact to the villagers around is also memorable moment for you.

Do not miss to taste some local foods after visiting Homo Folresiensis Cave in Flores. The trip with family will be a perfect one since you can teach your kids about the history of homo floresiensis and its cave for their home.