Have you thought to go for a volcano trekking tour in Flores?  This can be wild thought you have ever made for unknowing about the site points. There are lists of mounts, which you can visit in Flores during your volcano expedition. What you need to know about Flores is the beautiful island, which is surrounded by fabulous mix of volcanoes, tribes, cultures, crater lakes, and great diving points.

There are fourteen active volcanoes in Flores and you can visit some of them during Flores hiking and trekking tour. It takes more than a week to get to these lovely volcanoes trekking and hiking around the island. Therefore, you probably need to get at least a guide to lead you on trekking to the desired volcanoes. Special skills, equipment, and trekking or hiking tools are required to ensure safety and protection during trekking. An experienced leader may provide logical explanation, and perhaps superstitious aspects of hiking and trekking the active volcanoes in eastern of Indonesia.

Hiking tour in Flores offers challenges and beautiful panorama around the volcanoes. Your hiking expectations are totally reached through these mountains. So, hiking tour in Flores can be part of your trekking destinations around Indonesia.  Please just drop us a message as you want more information about this tour.