Thinking on the journey to visit Indonesia, you can see birds in Flores and Komodo Islands as a benefit during your trip. As Indonesia’s treasures, birds and other wild lives are protected by the government. As you travel to these islands, you can watch various attractive and unique birds you have never seen before. Ornithologists and bird watchers find that Flores and Komodo Islands provide distinctive nature of the fauna. As the islands are worth to visit especially to find Flores endemic birds.

 Beautiful Islands with Various Bird Species

 When you decide to take Flores bird watching tour, you can book your travel from a trusted travel agent in the Island. Flores is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia cleaved by the V-shaped valleys and surrounded by 16 active volcanoes. Flores bird watching tour package is also provided for those who are curious of Flores birds. There are several bird species in Flores. They Include Flores Hawk-Eagle, Wallace’s Hanging Parrot, Flores Lorikeet, White-rumped Kingfisher, Elegant Pitta, and Flores Crow. In the same line, you can find many humid rainforests, which offer Flores Monarch, Bare-throated Whistler, Golden-rumped Flowerpeckers, and Thick-billed Dark-eyes etc.

Is One-Day Journey Enough to Flores and Komodo?

As you continue your journey to the west of Flores, you can have bird watching in Komodo Island. The island is striking with its wild Komodo dragon as the only species largest living lizard in this universe. Exploring the island, you may find different panorama. Loveable coral reefs, dolphins, and seabirds may attract your attention. At last, one-day journey or more for bird-watching in Komodo is not enough for the lovely island. As Komodo Island which is also well known for the home of more than a hundred species of tropical-birds. This makes your bird watching trip is perfect as you put Komodo island as main point of your  travel schedule for birding tour.