Have you been to Flores before? When you desire to know better about the culture and tradition in Flores, at least 6 days tour across the island is worthy. There are a lot of tourism objects which you can visit in the island. They include a visit to Komodo Island. As you visit traditional tribes that are living in remote places, you may find and learn several customs, which are different from those of yours.

As you explore Flores culture attraction, there are places with their own particular culture attraction. They include:

  • Ngada
  • Nage
  • Keo
  • Ende
  • Lio
  • Manggarai
  • Sikka
  • Lamahaolot

In these places, you will find different tradition and languages spoken by native dwellers. Flores may give you traditional Ikat Weaving design, which is a beautiful handmade wear. In addition to visiting traditional culture in the island, you can also visit different volcanoes widely dispersed in Flores. After a break of your mountainous journey, you can continue to enjoy the traditional show in the place, where you stay.

In addition, you can enjoy Flores traditional dance. Flores is rich with traditional dances, which represent local tradition and value. Caci dance, Danding/Tandak dance, and Vera dance are among of them. These performance arts can be included into your tour package to Flores Island.